Version 2.0

Some of you may remember me. Some of you may have heard of me. Most of you probably have no clue I ever existed and thanks to the fucknut who hacked my gmail account some years ago, the internet has precious little evidence of that said existence either. But I was a daddy-blogger back in the day when we hauled our blogs to school uphill, barefoot, in the snow with a bit-rate so slow it was measured with a sundial. I wrote a blog by the same name as this one and while I was by no means a star, I had a few readers. To put it in sports terms, I was like Gary Reasons — I got to play at a really exciting time alongside some really awesome players.

And then I disappeared, like most bloggers do. I thought maybe one day I would get back to it. But when that aforementioned fucknut hacked my gmail, blocked access to my blogger account, and the folks at Google didn’t leap out of their seats to help me, I figured that was it.

But I miss it. I miss the relationships with other bloggers, some of whom I’m still semi-in-touch with via twitter like Matt at Child’s Play or via my rock star wife like Sarah and the Goon Squad. I miss having a forum to write about stuff that doesn’t fit within the boundaries of what I write about for work.

So I’m back for now.

Let’s have some fun.




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7 responses to “Version 2.0

  1. I want to be your first commenter.

    Missed the first incarnation, but I’m here now!


  2. Mel

    I am so glad you’re back in this space.


  3. Nice to see you here.


  4. also missed the original, but looking forward to v2.0. welcome back!


  5. First-time reader; looking forward to more. : )


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