Super Bowl XLIV: Good Game, Crap Ads

Watching a Super Bowl in which you have no real rooting interest in either team brings out some interesting emotions nonetheless. I know most of the country was pulling for New Orleans, and for good reason. Americans like a good underdog, and while the Saints’ championship won’t restore the Ninth Ward, it does lift the spirit. So like everyone else, I was satisfied with their victory, and happier still that it was such a good game. The Saints were the better prepared team and they won the game — it was thrilling to see.

A couple of thoughts:

I think the gratuitous hating on Peyton Manning is bullshit. All the guy does is prepare extremely well, play by the rules and enjoy an extraordinary level of success. He’s the straight A student we all hated in high school because they were just too perfect. But hey, I’m not in high school anymore and when a guy is very good at his job I have no problem acknowledging that. I don’t need to see him cry when he loses. Those calling to “Make Peyton Cry” need to try going to work tomorrow with 50,000 people shouting in their ear for them to cry and see how well they do. There are enough creeps in the NFL and professional sports that we don’t need to waste our energy wishing ill on someone because his competence lends him an air of arrogance on the field. As far as I know, he doesn’t beat up women, hasn’t organized any pit bull fighting rings and doesn’t shoot his gun off in the middle of a nightclub just ’cause he thinks he’s that big a man. The Saints’ victory is a good enough story without the schadenfreude of Manning’s fuck-ups towards the end of the game.

Drew Brees and son with headphonesDrew Brees is a class act. You know what my favorite moment of the game was? It was after the game when Brees was holding his little kid. Great photo op. But you know what made it better? His son had headphones on to block out the noise. I’ve got a son who freaks out at loud noises too. I don’t know if it was Mama Brees or Papa Brees who thought to do that, but it was a genius solution. More than that it showed that they weren’t using the kid as a prop, but had put some thought into what would make him most comfortable.  From one dad to another, I say “well done.”

The commercials were the worst they have ever been. When did portraying men as castrated wusses become a way to move product? What’s next? Some guy just whips it out on camera and says “If you don’t buy our portable tv it means your shlong is probably smaller than mine!” Granted that’s the subtext of just about every commercial, but at least there’s usually some art involved. And by the way, if Flo TV is so manly, why did they name it after a woman’s menses? And really, two dudes kissing (badly) was somehow over the line in the context of the rest of this crap?

No more dino rock at halftime. Seriously, The Who performance was painful and embarrassing to watch. They were such a great band — past tense being the operative modifier in that statement. Now they are a shadow of their former selves. Having them up there was the musical equivalent of having to watch Joe Namath in 2010, run a 40-yard dash. I say bring back Up With People before you tarnish the legacy of any other classic rock band.

I don’t give a shit about Tim Tebow’s mom. Seriously. Has there ever been so much made out of so little? Focus on the Family managed to make the pro-choice crowd sound like a bunch of whiners for an ad that you wouldn’t have understood unless you were fully read-up on the issue. Next time Focus buys ad time on the Super Bowl, NARAL should pony-up the dough and put their own ad up. UPDATED: Mel told me that the Tebow ad that ran was not the Tebow ad that was supposed to run, so my reaction of “what’s the big deal” is a little off-base. Still, I believe in the market place of free ideas, and I think that I’d rather have articulate responses to political ads on the Super Bowl than censored ads. I know there have been a lot of posts dedicated to this topic so I won’t say much more than that…and I still don’t give a shit about Tim Tebow’s mom.

But hey, at least it was a great game.




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2 responses to “Super Bowl XLIV: Good Game, Crap Ads

  1. I agree with pretty much everything you just said, but with extra emphasis on the ear protection for the little Brees.

    Not only wasn’t it better for the psyche of the child, it was also better for his hearing. I’ve never seen that before and I watch A LOT of football. I hope we see it more in the future.


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