New Year. Resolutions.

This year I resolve to blog more. Which shouldn’t be hard if by “blog more” I mean “more than in 2012.” Why? Because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past couple of months about what my strengths are — prompted in-part by a leadership class I took with Dr. Erica Brown. Part of what I learned is that I really like to learn. We took one of those Strength Finder self-assessments and pretty much all of my top characteristics were about learning, seeking information, processing information and I don’t think I’ve given myself the space to intellectualize what I am learning each day so that it becomes retainable knowledge. Hopefully having a space to puzzle some of these things out will help.

This year I resolve to read more. Maybe not as much as this guy, but still if I read more, I can blog about what I’ve read and take me part way toward achieving the goal set out above.

This year I resolve to complete a draft of a play. I’ve been gestating and doing some research and early writing about the mayor of Memphis during the 1968 Sanitation strike — the strike dragged on long enough to get the attention of Martin Luther King Jr. who was in Memphis to lead a march in support of the strike when he was assassinated.

This year I resolve to keep off the weight I lost last year. I’ve lost between 25-30 pounds in the last year and I’d like to keep up the eating habits that allowed me to do so.

This year I resolve to do a better job of keeping in-touch with friends via a medium other than Facebook. Like picking up a telephone and actually calling one of them. Or making (and keeping) an appointment to grab a meal or a drink.

Those are five resolutions, and I probably shouldn’t push farther than that. If I can look back in 365 days and find that I’ve held true to THE FIVE, then I should be in decent shape.

See. If I ease back into this blogging thing, it just might stick.


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  1. The comment about blogging space speaks to me.


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