TO KILL A KING (In Development)

The story of the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ strike of 1968 – an unplanned work stoppage that began by accident, was prolonged by intransigence, and ended in tragedy. At the center of the conflict stand the individuals whose actions helped determine the fates of 1200 strikers and one reverend from Atlanta.

MIKLAT (2002)

A comedy set during the first Gulf War in Jerusalem. As Saddam Hussein threatens to reign Scud missiles down on Israel, Mark Kleinman refuses his parents’ plea to return to the safety of the US. When they arrive in the Holy City to try and convince him to return, they discover he has joined an ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva and agreed to an arranged marriage. When they meet an embittered secular Israeli with a vendetta against the ultra-Orthodox, a misunderstanding leads to a kidnapping.

  • World Premiere at Theater J
  • 2003 Helen Hayes Nominee for the Charles MacArthur Award for Best New Play
  • Subsequent Productions at Jewish Theatre of the South (Atlanta), Florida Stage (Palm Beach), Minneapolis Jewish Theater, Celebrity Staged Readings (Los Angeles), New Jewish Theatre (St. Louis)

IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL (2000) – adapted from the book by Amos Oz

A dramatic interpretation of interviews and essays by Israel’s foremost novelist and writer. Workshop reading as part of Theater J’s Voices from a Changing Israel Festival


10 Minute Play Part of the 1996 Source Festival (with Delia Taylor)

Member of the Dramatists Guild of America


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